Serving as a corporate photo booth to celebrate accomplishments for Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise Engineering team, our booth was stationed inside a Waterways Cruises vessel and picked up the Microsoft team as they were wrapping up the first part of their party at Seattle’s beloved MOHAI (Museum of History and Industry) at the south end of Lake Union.

On board the vessel was the fabulous event coordinator Kellie Bielema of Shindig Events and the one, the only… Superstar DJ Austin Beaver. This was sure to be a great party between the event fine tuning of Ms. Bielema and the non-stop hits of Austin. And it was.

After the Microsoft team boarded we cruised up the east side of Lake Union to admire all of the house boats en route to Lake Washington. The team wasted no time getting into the booth while hamming it up with a combination of props Kellie supplied, including clouds on sticks (cloud computing… get it?) and our prop trunk.

We slipped through the Montlake cut past all of the UW Crew graffiti and on to the open space of Lake Washington. Once there we headed south to Mercer Island where our captain/tour guide pointed out the home of Paul Allen, Microsoft co-founder, before cruising north to peek at Bellevue’s Meydenbauer Bay.

Still continuing north guests admired the beautiful homes along the shore, with a long stop outside of Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates’ Medina home. The captain/tour guide shared some interesting facts about the home that included tidbits like: The long, sloped driveway is heated so that it’s safely usable the entire year, that there is parking available under the house for 23 cars and that the waterfront sand was imported from the Caribbean.

The tour continued for a total of three hours while guests soaked up the scenery, grooved to Austin’s music, enjoyed tasty nibbles and kept the booth busy for the entire event.

A 4x6 postcard collage from a Microsoft Cloud + Enterprise Engineering corporate photo booth

Kellie took the reins on the design while supplying the Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise Engineering logo and color for a simple, clean set up for their 4×6 digital postcard that looked fabulous on Facebook and Twitter.

Three women posing with funny glasses and props on sticks for a Microsoft corporate photo booth

A total of eight men and women posing with funny hats, crazy glasses and props on sticks for a Microsoft corporate photo booth.

The team leader poses with giant, gold glasses and a funny set up lips and teeth on a stick for a Microsoft corporate photo booth.

Nine men and women fill the frame with all sorts of silly props for a Microsoft corporate photo booth.

Ten men and women use funny glasses, sticks on props and a pirate hat for a Microsoft corporate photo booth.

Crazy glasses, a cowboy hat and a cloud on a stick make two women and a guy look fun for a Microsoft corporate photo booth.

Three women pose with clouds on sticks for a Microsoft corporate photo booth.

These 7 men and women utilize props on sticks with funny glasses and hats to spruce up their Microsoft corporate photo booth.


Hours: 3, 5pm – 8pm
Location: Waterways Cruises boat, inside
Backdrop: White
Printing: Yes, 4×6 postcard
Additional upgrades: Prop trunk
Hashtag: N/A
Client gallery: Microsoft – CEE
Facebook: Microsoft – CEE