NikeCORPORATE PHOTO BOOTHSuper Jock & Jill - Seattle, WA

Serving as a corporate photo booth to kick off the high school cross country running season, our booth was located inside Green Lake’s Super Jock & Jill running retail store for a celebratory event sponsored by Nike.

A long-running tradition was in effect where area high school teens assemble to play games, drink a lot of soda and enjoy Top Pot donuts while they wait for the clock to tick over to midnight – They wait until midnight so they can begin running and training with coaches and in compliance with the rules that state the first day of the season.

Waiting to run around Green Lake with a bunch of teammates and coaches at midnight? That takes some dedication! And with stomachs full of soda and donuts no less.

The booth was a beehive of activity as packs of teens came through en route to donut refills and back to their pre-func area around the corner from Super Jock & Jill – A space belonging to Billings Middle School that the event organizers secured for the games and sign decorating.

And speaking of the event organizers – It was great to work with a marketing representative from Nike to be a part of this function. Printing was something that was requested so this was our first event providing professional, near-instant, on-site prints for guests. The robust dye-sublimation printing process is designed to WORK and keep the prints coming all event long.

The 4x6 postcard featuring the Nike logo for cross country running

My contact at Nike managed the design while supplying the Nike cross country logo and color for a simple, clean set up for their 4×6 digital postcard that looked fabulous on Facebook and Twitter.

Four high school cross country guys mug for a Nike corporate photo booth


Hours: 3, 10pm-12am
Location: Super Jock 7 Jill, inside
Backdrop: White
Printing: Yes, 4×6 postcard
Additional upgrades: Prop trunk
Hashtag: #werunnorthwest
Client gallery: Nike – We Run Northwest
Facebook: Nike – We Run Northwest