THE 411PHOTO BOOTH FAQEverything you've always wanted to know and then some

You know how this goes.

We’ve been asked the same questions tons of times

so now the answers live here for you to peruse.

How does the booth actually work?
It’s so simple it’s almost crazy. People approach the booth, whether having grabbed a prop or not, and can see themselves in a live view screen right in the booth.

There is a touchscreen prompt that says to press the bolt with a notice that it will take three pictures. Once pressed, it initiates a 3-image session at 5 second intervals.

Once the 3 images are complete guests are asked to leave the booth to pick up their prints and/or share via the social kiosk.

We have an attendant there to help liaise peeps to the process, but they’re rarely needed after a few folks see how simply it works.

What does ‘open concept booth’ mean?
Our offering is a contemporary take on the old-school photo booth where one or two people get behind the confessional curtain and sit on a bench.

There is nothing wrong with that, but we love that MORE of your guests can squeeze into the frame and that everyone seeing the antics lends to an atmosphere of gamesmanship and high energy.

Welcome to wide open spaces and photos with your sorority sisters, entire wedding party or rabid pack of lads.

How do I make sure the booth is a hit with my guests?
Great question and there are definitely a few things you can do to make sure your booth is ace. Placement – Make sure the booth is accessible and close to the action. Down a hall, around the corner or in an outbuilding will not harness the highest degree of interactivity and usage.

Get the word out! Let your DJ, MC or bandleader know that getting butts in the booth is a priority and that you hope for an announcement and reminders throughout the evening. Also appoint a few ambassadors, such as moms and key wedding personnel to remind folks to pay the booth a visit.

Take ownership of the booth experience and personalize it to be a reflection of you, your interests and what’s important to you. While we are happy to provide our props and backdrops, only you have the power and insight to make your booth one of a kind.

After the event is over, what do I get and when do I get it?
You will have the following by the end of the next business day: Facebook album guests can download from for free, an online gallery containing a section of the individual images and a section of the collage of personalized graphics, and a link to a zipped folder of the high resolution JPGs and watermarked low resolution images for Facebook.
How long does it take to setup? Does that eat into our time?
Set up is on us and takes one hour. Your time is YOUR time.
Explain Idle Hours more please.
Idle hours are hours the booth needs to be there and set-up, but isn’t operational for your guests and are offered to you at a reduced rate than additional operational hours.

Here’s a typical scenario:
The ceremony is at 4pm and guests are invited to arrive beginning at 3:30pm. You’d like the booth set-up complete prior to guests arriving for a clean look and no commotion.

We begin set-up at 2:30pm to be complete by 3:30pm. This hour is free, not billed and not part of your operational, uptime for guests.

From 3:30pm to 5pm the booth is idle (set up, but not available) as guests arrive, the ceremony happens and post-ceremony shuffling and transition to cocktail hour begins.

From 5pm to 6pm the booth is operational and guest are engaging during cocktail hour.

At 6pm the booth is shut down and idle again for two hours during dinner, toasts and first dances.

At 8pm the booth is no longer idle and is operational for the duration of your commission.

Where can we see all of your backdrops, props and graphic templates?
We’ve put galleries together for just such an occasion. Visit our Galleries page and you’ll find what you’re looking for.
Why do you offer a booth w/o the printer?
While most weddings and parties surely love the prints, our business and corporate clients are typically only interested in digital images to enhance their social media and brand outreach. Our All Business package is tailor made for them.
What is the print quality like? How fast do they print?
We use professional dye-sublimation printers that produce smudge-free prints in about 10 seconds on thick, robust paper. These will live for a long, long time on a fridge, corkboard or in your scrapbook album.
Your print and graphics templates are cool, but we have our own idea. How does that work?
We’ll send you a layered PSD (Photoshop file) and you or your designer can go to town. We just ask for a layered file in return.
At the event can guests get multiple prints?
Yes and no. The system is set up to only print one copy of your choice of a 4×6 postcard or (2) 2×6 strips.

With either configuration, people ALWAYS ask us if we can print another one for them as only one lucky person gets the print to go home with.

Our standard reply is, “No sorry, the system only prints one copy, but you can go through the booth as many times as you like and grab a print then.”

The behind-the-scenes logic on this is that it means more photos of your friends and more prints for you. If a group of 5 people went through the booth and each got a print, they wouldn’t go through again and that would be super sad.

Can we share to Instagram? Do you offer filters for the photos?
Not at this time… Instagram hasn’t yet offered software developers an API, or way to engage with their protocols. There is booth software that enables people to apply filters and text or email right from the booth, but we’ve found that it slows down and clogs the booth while people are trying to share and if email is enabled guests will share privately with themselves rather than publicly with your #hashtag and messaging.

Instead of sharing from the booth, we have a separate iPad kiosk for people to share to Facebook/Twitter so that the booth can keep on keepin’ on while guests share your #hashtag and messaging from the kiosk.

What space or logistical considerations are required?
We suggest a space that is at least 10 feet wide, 10 feet deep and 10 feet tall. This provides ample room for a prop table or two and huge packs of guests to get in the frame.

We require clean power within 25′ of where the booth will be placed.

Rocking venue wifi or clean connection to the Verizon network are needed for the social sharing to work properly.

Our location has low ceilings or can't be that deep - Are we hosed?
Hosed… Are you from Boston?! All backdrops can fit any height except our basic white which CANNOT fit into a space that is less than 8’6″.

10 feet of depth is ideal, but we’ve smashed into one as shallow as 6 feet before and it worked OK.

Our event is black tie formal - Will your attendant be dressed accordingly?
You bet your bippy. We’ll just add the tux rental + one hour for travel and fittings onto your final bill.
What is the payment schedule and refund policy?
Bookings are first come, first served and require payment in full to reserve us for your date.

If the client wishes to cancel the booking sixty days before the event date, then the client is eligible for a full refund. An e-mail notification must be sent to sixty days before the event. The full amount will be credited back onto the client’s account where he/she paid the deposit.

Why aren’t props available with each package?
After doing a zillion events we found they all started to look the same. Truly the only thing that can differentiate your experience from those before you is to get personal. Dive into what defines you as a couple or what your company is all about and pick props that are a perfect match.

Let’s say a couple are mega Seahawks fans (Ahem.. Who isn’t?) – Foam fingers, neon green and blue spiked wigs, hair clips and plush footballs make more sense than inflatable guitars and Elvis glasses, no?

Where can we get some photo booth inspiration?
We’ve created a Pinterest just for ya. There is inspiration for custom backdrops, props and more.
Where can we get props?
Each is a link: Amazon, Party City, Yo Props, Etsy, Megaloons and Windy City Novelties. We’ve found unusually awesome stuff at Goodwill too.
Why aren’t you available on the popular holidays?
We have families that want us there to celebrate with them. If you rilly, rilly want us at your holiday shindig expect hazard pay of double time and go ahead and shoot us an email.
What do we need to know for making our own backdrop?
That it should be at least 8×8 and no bigger than 10×10, that it should be non-reflective and that a hem at the top of 4 inches for our crossbar to go through would be better than us having to use A-clamps to affix it.
Do you upload EVERYTHING to our gallery and Facebook?
Indeedskis we do. Over the years we’ve found that this is the most streamlined way to get the images to you and your guests quickly. We see everything that goes down in the booth and are noticing if there is profanity or edgy things being put on chalkboards, simulated sexual acts, nudity or other potentially embarrassing or unsavory behavior (personally we love it, but our rep isn’t on the line).

In cases like this we’ll notify the client in the email containing all of the links to the gallery, Facebook and their download that it’s their responsibility to notify us with remove requests so we can edit their public-facing collection.

This is easily and quickly accommodated by typing REMOVE in the comments on Facebook. Takedown of the images there and in your viewing/print ordering gallery are nearly instantaneous.

With nearly 200 events in two years this hasn’t been an issue. Not even once.

Can we use our own scrapbook for the prints? Can we still hire your scrapbook attendant?
Ya sure, ya betcha. $200 bones and we’ll have an expert at your disposal.
Can we review a copy of your Service Agreement?
Of course. Here’s a link.