On Saturday, May 21st 2016 we had the pleasure of providing not just one, but 2 photo booths for the annual Big Fish Games company party. And these were not just any company party photo booths… They were each a green screen photo booth consisting of 8 incredible, custom-designed backgrounds produced by the intensely talented Big Fish creative department.

Actually, one of the booths had a green screen background while the other featured a blue screen. The party was billed as ‘Comic Prom’ and since people would be coming in all manner of costume, it was determined that having a green screen booth AND a blue screen booth would be the best tack to ensure people in green didn’t disappear into the background. This was a brilliant decision for technical reasons and for keeping the line moving for the 500+ guests.

An example of green screen and blue screen backgrounds for a Seattle photo booth

The Big Fish team also went the extra distance to produce custom, comic-themed artwork for what would serve as their printed strips. Here is a rendering of the full artwork in addition to an example with guest images.

Incredible custom artwork for printed strips by Seattle photo booth The Lightning Booth

As two booths and this many guests is a bit more of a production than usual, yet another great decision was made to have a third Party Ambassador (what we call our professional booth attendants) helping folks to identify their digital background choice and direct them to the appropriate booth based on their clothing color. And Ashley, the line facilitator this evening, took it up a notch and rocked the event in full cosplay mode as Harley Quinn!

In addition to the Seattle skyline image at the top, here are the 7 remaining and AMAZING backgrounds people got to choose from:

A woman swings a plastic machete in front of a green screen photo booth backgroundSuper hero costumed revelers pose in front of a green screen photo booth background featuring comic villains on the looseCostume party guests pose in front of a green screen background resembling the Fortress of SolitudeA costumed catwoman and batman stand in front of a Gotham City styled blue screen photo booth background resembling SeattleA horse with a fez and a unicorn pose in front of a blue screen photo booth background resembling the view from the bridge of the USS EnterpriseMasked men in tracksuits pose in front of a scary, post-apocalyptic blue screen photo booth backgroundCostumed party goes stand in front of a Mars-like blue screen photo booth background


Hours: 3, 7:30pm – 10:30pm
Location: Paramount Theater
Backdrop: Green screen and blue screen
Printing: Yes
Additional upgrades: Prop trunk, Additional party ambassador