Serving as a record release photo booth the promotion of the new EP by Seattle band The Young Evils at Vermillion gallery was a hoot, a holler and a roaring good time with members from the music and culture communities turning out in force for this event sponsored by Do206 and Goose Island Brewing.

Vermillion starts off as a narrow art gallery that funnels into a bar and performance space. The gallery provided a great spot for us to set up with the backdrop on one side and the booth system nearing the other. Guest arrivals had almost no choice but to hop in the booth on their way to getting a drink and hanging with the punters in the performance area.

Do206’s General Manager Jay Cox pulled out all the stops and even lined up a HUGE step and repeat banner for the background that featured the logos for The Young Evils, Do206 and Goose Island Brewing. This is a GREAT way to get your brand and messaging across to guests while also continuing to reap the benefits as the images are shared via social media.

Custom artwork for the 4x6 digital postcard from the Do206 Presents: The Young Evils record release photo booth

The design department of Do206 to our Photoshop template and quickly whipped it into the perfect digital postcard to send out live from the event via our on-site Social Sharing kiosk. We saw these EVERYWHERE on Facebook that night and over the following days.


Hours: 8pm – 11pm
Location: Vermillion, in the gallery
Backdrop: Custom step and repeat
Printing: No
Additional upgrades: Prop trunk, custom backdrop
Hashtag: #Do206FalseStarts
Client gallery: Do206 Presents: The Young Evils
Facebook: Do206 Presents: The Young Evils