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Sheila + AndrewVASHON ISLAND PHOTO BOOTHFroggsong Gardens - Vashon, WA


Sheila + Andrew’s Vashon Island photo booth at Froggsong Gardens may be our craziest to date with some very, very inspired participation from their fabulous guests (and a lot of skin baring). There’s some logic to hopping a ferry to visit the pastoral landscape of Vashon Island that ‘What happens on Vashon stays on Vashon’ but um… The photos live on and now you’re (in)famous!

Froggsong Gardens is not quite like any other wedding venue we have in the Pacific Northwest and provided a stunning, intimate location for Sheila, Andrew and their friends and family to unwind and celebrate. Managed by Herban Feast catering, it’s another stunning venue in their collection (Sodo Park, Fremont Foundry) that is 150 acres of lush and and enchanting English-style gardens perfect for celebrations up to 250 people.

We had the pleasure of working yet again with Megan Keller of A Kurant Event to button down all the details and make sure that our contribution to Sheila and Andrew’s dream day was on point. We don’t consider ourselves brass players, but we’ll toot a horn for her anytime; we cannot say enough good things about this fine lady as a great match to rock your event!

They chose our popular Spangled deluxe backdrop that looked amazing against our newest artwork template called Minimalist. The gold of the backdrop looks so nice against the clean, simple and elegant artwork. And these strips looked amazing in the 10×10 leather-bound album they commissioned – Our book attendant Cecilia kept busy all night pasting strips throughout their book while their guests filled it with well wishes.

At some events the booth starts slow, ramps up moderately and then it’s a busy period before tapering off. Sheila + Andrew’s was full tilt, boothmageddon from beginning to end and we loved it! This group also made great use of our social sharing kiosk with lots and lots of sharing to Facebook.


Hours: 3, 7pm – 10pm
Location: Froggsong Gardens
Backdrop: Spangled
Printing: Yes
Additional upgrades: Prop trunk, Deluxe background, 10×10 leather-bound album
Hashtag: #MrandMrsOby2015
Client gallery: Sheila + Andrew
Facebook: Sheila + Andrew

Leshya + JasonEMP PHOTO BOOTHExperience Music Project - Seattle, WA


Wow, wow, wow, wow… Leshya + Jason’s EMP photo booth was from another planet! Have you ever seen or been to a wedding at EMP?! It’s truly like no other with an incredible experience that is central to Seattle for out of town guests and visually stunning with the giant video wall in the Skychurch area where most, and these guys, have their reception.

We had the pleasure of working closing with Megan Keller of A Kurant Event to nail down all the logistics and make sure that our contribution to Leshya and Jason’s dream day was on point. If/when planning your shindig, we cannot say enough good things about this fine lady!

Their booth was simple elegance with a white backdrop and further personalization of incorporating their own custom graphics into their printed strips. Another cool aspect of their photo booth experience was that the AV specialist at EMP was able to access a hot folder we created on Dropbox so that images from their booth could periodically be displayed on the ginormous Skychurch screen. And how big is ginormous? How about seeing photo booth images displayed on a 60′ wide by 33′ tall HD LED screen!!

All night long people kept coming at us trying to show the booth who was boss, but we won every time. Leshya + Jason won too as they have an incredible collection of one-of-a-kind images of their guests to cherish for the rest of their lives.


Hours: 5, 7:30pm – 12:30am
Location: EMP, top of the stairs in the NW corner
Backdrop: White
Printing: Yes
Additional upgrades: Prop trunk, Deluxe background, 2 Extra hours
Hashtag: #WigKeenanWedding
Client gallery: Leshya + Jason
Facebook: Leshya + Jason

Mimi + BenSODO PARK PHOTO BOOTHSodo Park by Herban Feast - Seattle, WA


We’ve seen a lot of pretty weddings, but you just KNOW you are in for a treat when you are part of a wedding that involves Michelle Bernard from Married and More With Michelle. H-O-L-Y-C-O-W this was a feast for the eyes and a durn good time!

Mimi and Ben’s Sodo Park photo booth was staged in the northwest corner of the building and provided great access to folks as they donned horse heads, posed with inflatable guitars, did dubious things with a giant bone and much, much more.

When clients add a printer and choose the (2) 2×6 strip option we are on our toes as one strip is reserved for the couple whilst the other gets to walk away as a keepsake with some lucky guest. And while we offer a gorgeous 10×10 leather-bound scrapbook to place the couples’ strips in alongside well wishes from their guests, Michelle ponied up her own book that became chock-a-block full of amazing booth images and some of the sweetest anecdotes and sentiments we’ve ever seen.

This was SUCH as gorgeous event and Mimi + Ben’s guests were dropping serious heat in the booth all night long. Yeah a booth is fun at nearly any event, but it’s crews like this that really, really make for a memorable (and slightly scandalous) night of fun!


Hours: 3, 8pm – 11pm
Location: Sodo Park, in the NW corner
Backdrop: Glitter Ombre
Printing: Yes
Additional upgrades: Prop trunk, Deluxe background
Hashtag: #‎mimiandbeng‬
Client gallery: Mimi + Ben
Facebook: Mimi + Ben

Huw + MikaWOODINVILLE PHOTO BOOTHJM Cellars - Woodinville, WA


Clocking in as a Woodinville photo booth for Huw + Mika’s intimate and stylish wine wedding, we spent a muggy night among the gorgeous setting of JM Cellars in the company of their fun loved ones.

JM Cellars is a quant tasting room set on intimate and gorgeous grounds in Woodinville, WA. Their beautiful outdoor ceremony and al fresco reception were punctuated by a hopping outdoor dance floor and a very leisurely approach to the evening that left plenty of time for relaxing, conversing and hitting the photo booth.

With so much beautiful foliage and the rich wood of the wine barrels mixed with all of the outdoors spaces and fire pit, JM Cellars provided an excellent environment for Huw + Mika’s guests to truly enjoy themselves indoors or out with excellent wine and garden views.

Once this party got going it really got going and Huw + Mika’s guest became no strangers to the fun of the Lightning Booth. Tons of kids at this wedding kept things fun and fresh.


Hours: 3, 8pm – 11pm
Location: Inside the Members Tasting Room
Backdrop: Spangled
Printing: Yes
Additional upgrades: Prop trunk, Deluxe background, 10×10 leather-bound album
Hashtag: #‎meetthemorgans2015‬
Client gallery: Huw + Mika
Facebook: Huw + Mika

RYON + KATHRINABellevue Photo BoothRobinswood House - Bellevue, WA

Bellevue Photo Booth

Serving as a Bellevue photo booth for Ryon & Kathrina’s intimate and stylish wedding, we spent a lovely night among the gorgeous backdrop of Robinswood House in the company of their loved ones.

Robinswood House is a charming, century old log cabin set on intimate and gorgeous grounds in Bellevue, WA. Their beautiful outdoor ceremony and al fresco reception with long tables (our favorite) were punctuated by a hopping outdoor dance floor and one of the liveliest booths we’ve ever hosted… These guys got into it!

Admittedly we were a little concerned when speeches were still going on at 9:25pm and our commissioned start time was at 8pm… That’s almost an hour and a half of tumbleweeds rolling through our booth set-up and we were chomping at the bit to get the party started; our attendant can only take so many selfies before that gets old.

Finally after much ado, Ryon & Kathrina’s guests made up for lost time with 100% guest participation in getting in on the action. There were kids galore that were hamming it up and two of the flower girls even took ownership of keeping our assortment of crowd pleasing props organized. In all, a great event and another Lightning Booth good time!

A 4x6 digital postcard from Ryon & Kathrina's Bellevue photo booth

Kathrina steered the direction for their 4×6 digital postcard that would be used for sharing to Facebook and Twitter with our social media kiosk. We love the clean, elegant design that looks great in any presentation. The font, Playfair Display, is the same used prominently on their wedding website to pull together a cohesive design throughout.



Hours: 3, 8pm – 11pm
Location: Inside the house
Backdrop: White
Printing: No
Additional upgrades: Prop trunk
Hashtag: #meettheaddisons
Client gallery: Ryon + Kathrina
Facebook: Ryon + Kathrina



Serving as a Sodo Park photo booth for Ali + Connors absolutely STUNNING wedding at Herban Feast’s premier catering hall in Seattle, WA was amazing – We were just another piece in a big puzzle put together by the incomparable planner Michelle Bernard from Married With Michelle. We don’t think we’ve ever seen this much eye candy and thoughtful design at a Seattle wedding ever before… Wow, just wow!

Sodo Park by Herban Feast is an industrial catering hall full of aged wood floors and posts with a rough and rustic charm that is uniquely its own. We were set up in the northeast corner near the entrance and guests kept coming back for more and more.

For this event they wanted to have the booth operational for cocktail hour and then again after dinner. Michelle had us begin set up at 3pm which was an hour before the ceremony. The booth was then charging a lesser rate, known as idle hours, during the ceremony before kicking into gear for cocktail hour. We then went idle again for two hours during dinner, toasts, first dances, cake cutting and such before firing it back up 9pm and rolling until midnight.

Our booth concept is wide open… Open air, if you will. Rather than one or two people sitting in a confessional style booth we pack in more people for more fun. This event holds our current record when Connor and 13 of his (very) close friends jammed into the frame.

Ali and Connors custom photo strip artwork from our Sodo Park photo booth

Ali and Connor worked with one of Michelle’s favorite designers to come up with style and branding elements that were all their own. These were passed to us and voila… A unique, custom design that stayed true to the look and feel of their wedding for their printed strips and guest keepsakes.


Hours: 5 active (5pm – 6pm, 8pm – 12am) and 3 idle (4pm – 5pm, 6pm – 8pm)
Location: Northeast corner
Backdrop: Gatsby
Printing: Yes, (2) 2×6 strips
Additional upgrades: Prop trunk
Hashtag: #aliandconorgethitched
Client gallery: Ali + Connor
Facebook: Ali + Connor



Serving as a Seattle photo booth for Eleanor + Patrick’s intimate and stylish wedding at the Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle was a fab affair for sure. Elegance permeated throughout and their guests thoroughly enjoyed the booth. This event also resulted in more props disappearing than any other… We an only imagine how many of the kids went home with crazy 80’s glasses.

Her beautiful sequined vintage gown tied in perfectly with our gold glittered Gatsby backdrop for some old school elegance. We set up in the main foyer and our elegant system looked right at home in the clean, modern environment of SAM’s Olympic Sculpture Park pavilion.

Eleanor and Patrick elected to have our on-site printer produce (2) 2×6 strips for them and their guests – Our attendant retains one of the strips for the couple while the other goes with the guests. The question we’re asked over and over when printing strips is if the booth can print multiple copies… The answer is no, but guests can go through the booth as many times as they like for unlimited photos and unlimited prints.

Eleanor + Patrick's seattle photo booth design for their printed strips

In this instance the couple also chose to have one of our gorgeous 10×10 leather-bound scrapbooks. As the photo booth attendant collects the clients strip from each series they place it on a black matte page of the book. Guests then write provide anecdotes and well wishes with metallic ink pens that we provide. At the end of the night it’s always a hit when we hand over the book full of photos and words from their loved ones while providing something to enjoy over the weeks or months the couple waits for their wedding photos.

It was an incredible night with a group of really fun people. Michelle Bernard of Married With Michelle did a fabulous job with the decor and event design. The long tables rather than round 10-tops only added to the elegant charm and sophisticated environment of the Olympic Sculpture Park pavilion.


Hours: 3, 8pm-11pm
Location: Olympic Sculpture Park, foyer
Backdrop: Gatsby
Printing: Yes, (2) 2×6 strips
Additional upgrades: Prop trunk, leather-bound heirloom scrapbook
Hashtag: #ep2015
Client gallery: Eleanor + Patrick
Facebook: Eleanor + Patrick