We met Shanti earlier this year at the Weddings in Woodinville tour where we were introducing our Willows Lodge photo booth to the masses. When it was time for Shanti and Adam to kit out their wedding, we were honored they came to us for some photo booth fun.

Par usual we were in the foyer adjacent to the ballroom and were pumped to see Shanti and her team had decorated a 6′ banquet table in the style of their woody theme with alder stumps and flowers. The placement was a bit tight this time around with all of the other staged items, but the booth got a lot of traffic with well over 400 photos in 3 hours.

Shanti and Adam elected to work from our increasingly popular Minimalist design for the digital postcard produced as part of their digital-only, All Business booking. Love their #WinterwonderLang hashtag too!

A 4x6 postcard containing three images from a Willows Lodge photo boothFUNNY STORY: Shortly after sharing the Facebook and ordering galleries with Shanti the next morning (as is customary with our LIGHTNING FAST turnaround) we got an email from her asking to remove several images due to some folks crashing the wedding… Our first case of wedding crashers! I guess it’s not too surprising at a hotel and wonder what can be done to prevent this. An idea would be to have wrist bands similar to a rock show or amusement park. What are your thoughts?

A smash of people rocking crazy props at a Willows Lodge photo boothA man wears a crab hat and funny glasses with a woman in a cowboy hat at a wedding in a Willows Lodge photo boothA bride and friends pose with props in a Willows Lodge photo boothA Willows Lodge photo booth captures the funny expressions of a couple at a weddingThe shocker at a wedding from a Willows Lodge photo boothA young man in a jheri curl wig from a Willows Lodge photo booth in WoodinvilleA censored frame from a Willows Lodge photo booth in WoodinvilleChalkboards proclaiming naughty and nice from a Willows Lodge photo booth set up for a Woodinville weddingPRO TIP: When hiring us for your Willows Lodge photo booth (or anywhere else for that matter) you will definitely please your guests AND get memorable photo booth images by hosting an open bar. People went haaarrrd in the paint at this one!!


Hours: 3, 9pm – 11pm
Location: Willows Lodge
Backdrop: Glitter Ombre
Printing: No
Additional upgrades: Prop trunk, deluxe backdrop
Client gallery: Shanti + Adam
Facebook: Shanti + Adam